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Bus Ticket Machine

Axiomtek manufactures incredibly small form factor Pico-ITX embedded platforms for embedded field application and mobile devices. One of our customers integrated our Pico-ITX board, the PICO820, into the development of their bus ticket machine due to its extremely small footprint, low power consumption and best performance-per-watt. In such small rugged form factor, the PICO820 provides the bus ticket machine a full set of I/O features, sufficient system memory and +5V only power input for target applications. The machine was designed to cater toward the needs of the bus driver; a small footprint was required to fit the machine in the bus driver’s area while at the same time be ergonomically positioned to allow for easy issuing of tickets from the machine. The portable machine also had GPS, enabling the owner of the bus to know where the bus is at any moment and how many tickets were issued. Our Pico-ITX SBC met the requirements of customization service, long term support, performance, low power, expansibility, and compact-size given by the customer.

Bus Ticket Machine

System integrator (SI) can save development time and cost with Axiomtek Pico-ITX. The board provides system developers and OEMs with an ultra compact yet highly integrated platform that delivers excellent computing performance at remarkably low power consumption. Ideal for car PCs, medical, in-flight entertainment systems or industrial automation systems and even portable devices, Axiomtek’s Pico-ITX SBCs satisfy customer’s demands in compact-size, fanless operation, low power consumption and versatile I/O.

The PICO820 is a great product for embedded and mobile applications. This super tiny board supports ultra low power Intel® Atom™ processor Z510 1.1 GHz and Z530 1.6 GHz. It aims to target the low power market. The board features integrated Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator which offers advanced graphics and 3D performance for the system as well as CRT and 24-bit LCD display. In addition, the processor supports SSE3 that improves performance on multimedia applications.

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