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AI Solutions

AI Vision trong ngành điện tử

AI Vision trong ngành điện tử With the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies, the electronic hardware manufacturers working within extremely tight tolerances increasingly look to AI solutions to expand its inspection capabilities to increase yield,...

AI at the Edge: Con mắt của IoT

AI at the Edge: Con mắt của IoT Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere these days. In order to meet the needs of various AI applications, Axiomtek has developed a series of edge AI embedded systems with various form factors and configurations:...

Ứng dụng AI trong ngành thực phẩm & đồ uống

Ứng dụng AI trong ngành thực phẩm & đồ uống For today’s food manufacturing companies to stay competitive, it is crucial to maintain both top quality output and optimal productivity. To make that happen, food manufacturing companies need to be...

AI Vision in Pharma Quality Control

Quality is always the top concern of pharmaceutical manufacturing. Compared to many other industries, pharmaceutical production underlies more demanding regulations. To ensure product safety and maintain consumer confidence, it is essential that pharmaceutical manufacturers control quality and prevent defective products...
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