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Medical Solutions

Medical Solutions

Embedded IoT Solutions for Medical

Axiomtek has been devoted to medical technology for over a decade, with solid experience in developing medical computing and information processing solutions to fulfill the growing demands of medical applications worldwide.  Axiomtek’s embedded products, platforms and design services are widely...

Medical Drones Push Innovation in the Health Industry

Medical drones can deliver items such as drugs, serum and small medical devices quickly and to remote areas. Where retailers are still testing drones for the delivery of large packages to their customers, medical drones are already being used in...

Computer Solutions for Diagnostic Medical Devices

The medical care we receive has improved greatly over the years, thanks to technological advancements that allow for earlier and accurate diagnoses that lead to more effective treatments. One such exa...

Intelligent Medical Solutions

Axiomtek has years of experience in developing medical computing solutions and has ambition to fulfill the growing demands of global medical device market. With customizable features including high pe...
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