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Axiomtek’s Industrial Computer Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry

Enhancing Oil & Gas Industries with Smart Technology

For almost 30 years, Axiomtek has continued to innovate and create high-quality industrial computer products to serve OEMs/ODMs and major oil & gas companies of the petroleum refinery and natural gas provider industries. Our products have been used for integration into oil and gas machines that require highly reliable and rugged edge controllers, servers and gateway devices. They are used to manage critical operational functions such as controlling wellhead petrochemical equipment operations and testing. Our advanced embedded systems can be used to reliably perform a variety of crucial tasks at the edge – including remote system control and monitoring functions; data gathering and transfer; system status and other analytical reporting. Important operational data can be accessed real-time to help improve operational safety, enhance oil and gas overall production level, reduce and predict maintenance requirements to prevent operational disruption and much more.

Axiomtek’s Oil & Gas Computer Solutions

Axiomtek’s DIN-rail gateway controllers (ICO/rBOX) and fanless embedded systems are designed to serve mission-critical project OEM/ODMs and oil & gas equipment system integrators. They offer long product lifespan and support, reliable 24/7 operation, low power consumption/high-performance CPU choices and rich I/Os suitable for a broad range of oil & gas applications. Designed to deliver integration flexibility, customizability and high reliability in harsh operating environments, the rBOX510-6COM and the ICO500-518 (soon-to-be-released) offer extended operating temperatures, wide range power input with terminal block and over-voltage/reverse protection, and isolated COM and Ethernet ports. They are also equipped with Axiomtek’s proprietary IoT smart remote monitoring software called AXView 3.0 for ease of deployment.

We also offer design engineering services that have proven to deliver true customer value. Axiomtek’s experienced teams of sales and engineers are known to provide highly personalized assistance and act as an extended team to help our customers meet their challenges with ease.


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