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Axiomtek’s Intel RFP Ready Kit

Smart Energy Control System for IIoT: Axiomtek’s Intel RFP Ready Kit

Axiomtek has worked with Intel®, our technology partner, to create our newest Intel’s RFP Ready Kit (RRK) with focus on solar energy gateway. Our solar solution RRK supports the use of sensors, leveraging digital controls for effective monitoring and management of energy operations. It allows for better analytics, reduces labor costs and shortens response time in emergency situations. Our solutions include our gateway platform, Windows®OS, Cloud connectivity with Microsoft® Azure and a remote management software.

Edge Computing for Smart Energy

Our gateway product series can be installed as a power node or gateway to utilize sensors and meters to collect real-time data from machines and securely send the data to a remote cloud or server for analysis. For smart energy and renewable energy applications, these products can serve as intelligent gateways with flexible designs and large data storages to allow for edge computing.

Intelligent Communication Gateway

Axiomtek’s rBOX and ICO series play a significant role as I/O communication gateways, utilizing Axiomtek’s propriety software AXView to bridge nodes over the IIoT more efficiently and effectively by allowing transfer from edge devices to remote servers. Axiomtek’s intelligent gateways can communicate from the network and software management level, and down to sensors and meters – via I/O communication protocols such as Fieldbus, Modbus, Profibus, etc. over WLAN and WWAN networking. The gateways enhance machine-to-machine communication, improving operational performance and reducing cost and time for many energy sectors such as natural energy, electrical grid, oil and gas.

Remote Monitoring Capability

Remote monitoring and access have allowed manufacturers to reduce costs from initial development through deployment – thanks to offsite problem debugging, software updates, device maintenance, user-profile creation and more. Axiomtek has worked with our technology partners such as Microsoft and Intel, to design products that offer remote monitoring and management features for smart energy, roadside service, electrical vehicle charging station, among other applications.

Cost-Effective Integrated Gateway Solutions

Axiomtek’s industrial gateway ICO and rBOX product series feature the low power consumption Intel® Atom processor, and robust edge computing power is ideal for a smart IIoT gateway. Their rich I/Os, wireless connectivity, expandability and software remote monitoring capabilities provide customers an easy-to-integrate and –customize solution. Our gateway products help energy organizations optimize device performance, ensure optimum uptime, reduce outages and associated costs (especially business operation and maintenance costs) and enable businesses and end-users to better manage their own energy usage to meet their individual needs.

IIoT Remote Monitoring Software for Solar Energy

In response to the growing demands to utilize solar energy, Axiomtek has developed the ICO300, our embedded system, and AXView, our own proprietary software. The architecture of a solar energy station solution is shown below.

At the solar station, ambient solar panels are grouped together as a solar PV array before connecting to PV inverters. The inverters then convert the variable direct current (DC) output of a solar PV array into the alternating current (AC), which can be fed into a commercial electrical grid or used by a local network. Through a RS-485 interface, the ICO300 gateway is connected to PV inverters via Modbus protocol, while the AXView is collecting data, such as voltage, current, sunlight intensity, temperature and humidity, which then is sent to the Microsoft® Azure cloud through 3G or Wi-Fi analytics.

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