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Continuous Belt-type Furnace

A Continuous Belt-type Furnace is used widely in the heat treatment of hardware tools, metal wires, and other machine parts. It uses a PC-based solution, HMI package, not only to perform fully automated continuous process control but also to remotely supervise and monitor in factory functions. The system consists of ten-stage thermo control in this furnace, including pre-heating, quenching, tempering and warning thermo controls.

It is furnished with a hot blast motor to rotate the temperature in the furnace to make uniform temperature and steady quality. Digital I/O logic control for furnace safety, I/O mechanism and analog I/O logic control for feeder equipment and continuous conveyor speed and diffusion of carbon control can be fulfilled. Formula management allows users to set-up batch & control parameters into a recipe and guideline database. This supports on-line recipes downloads, uploads, and recipes save function from an external Microsoft Access database format.

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Intelligent Continuous Belt-type Furnace

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