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Increased Passenger Safety

Commuter’s safety has always been the major concern for any rail operations. That was the main reason that the Positive Train Control (PTC) concept was conceived, approved by Congress and made into an integral part of the Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008. The PTC concept revolves around using technology to monitor and control train movements. The main goal is to enhance passengers and wayside rail workers’ safety.

The implementation of PTC technology was mandated across the U.S.’s rail network and is required to be completed by December 2015. The PTC system uses GPS, wireless radio and a rail controller to retrieve important information and automatically enforces the train operation to prevent unsafe movements. Information like speed limits, other temporary restrictions and rail crew at work location(s) is fed through the communications system on the train to the controller, which is programmed to enforce a correct course of operational actions to manage speed and prevent incidents such as collisions and derailments.

Enhanced Rail Technology

For the last 25 years, Axiomtek has been providing advanced computer solutions purposely designed for the transportation industry and beyond. Our transportation embedded systems and GOT710 panel PC are compliant with many safety standards and pass EN certification tests designed for operational safety of railway equipment.

Our tBOX products are designed specifically as train embedded controllers while our robust panel computers (GOTs) are designed as an all-in-one for train operator interface. Understanding the need for an advanced PTC system that ensures operational reliability in rugged environments with high vibration such as those experienced on board a train, these two product lines offer key solutions that include vibration resistance features, i.e., M12 connectors, lockable I/O, solid state disk drive. They have been tested and met key railway safety standards. The tBOX and GOT product lines offer extended operating temperature ranges, rich I/Os, and powerful and reliable performance. They are made specifically to be integrated into complete PTC and surveillance systems.

Intelligent Security Surveillance System in Railway

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