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Marine Logistics

Axiomtek’s heavy-duty fanless touch panel computers series greatly help operators to implement and organize its activities of Marine Logistics which exposed to severe weather and ocean salt water. The GOT800 series is the HMI platform with an IP66-rated entire system protection and complies with the testing of marine certification, IEC60945 and DNV2.4. Moreover, this series can be adopted on offroad vehicle by integrated with optional vehicle power certified by ISO7637. Featuring an IP66 water/dust-proof housing, sunlight readable technology, wide operating temperature range and optional 802.11a/b/g/n wireless support, the robust GOT800 series can perform well under any severe conditions for all-weather application.

GOT812LR-834 – Logistics in Dock

Concerned about mobile application like crane, forklift and machine tool, the 12.1-inch fanless GOT812LR-834 features only 4.5 kg and 59mm in thickness for easy setup. This compact system can be easily integrated into forklift vehicle and effectively communicates with warehouse data center via WiFi function to store goods at the right location. When operating outside the warehouse, its IP65 water/dust-proof stainless steel housing is capable of protecting the whole system against rainwater and dust. The optional high brightness XGA/SVGA LCD and low reflection touch panel allows operators to read the screen even under strong sunlight. In addition, GOT812LR-834 is equipped with ISO7637 vehicle power supply which provides full protection for high voltage variations from forklift vehicles.

Marine Logistics

GOT812LR-832 – Fishing Boat

12.1-inch GOT812LR-832 has IP66-rated water-proof entire enclosure design which is suitable to be applied on the fishing boat where water exposure might be foreseeable. Its anti-vibration design allows it to work stably even under a moving boat. In addition, fanless GOT812LR-832 complies with IEC60945 and DNV2.4, the testing of marine certification. And the suspension kit is very useful for mounting it on boats. Its anti-scratch capacitive type touchscreen up to 7H ensures operation stability and durability. The front bezel is made of stainless type 316 to resist corrosion. The robust unit is an ideal platform to fulfill many tasks in fishing boat such as digital online data collection from all fishing boats, processing and uploading data to central server, and inspection tool for terrain inspectors.


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