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Mobile Tactical Computer

Axiomtek develops a series of COM Express modules which are designed with all components necessary and offer the most up-to-date bus interfaces. Our goal is to reduce customer’s time-to-market and ownership cost. The COM Express modules satisfy a wide range of vertical embedded applications with features from great computing performance, flexible architecture, to rich I/O capabilities. One of our customers chose our CEM850 to deploy their Mobile Tactical Computers. Axiomtek helped our customer to build their own system with rich features.

Mobile Tactical Computer

The customer designed an emergency responder in-vehicle system which required in car video, voiceless dispatching, electronic citation, remote server access and GPS & 3G card support. Considering that the system will be applied in a rugged vehicle environment, Axiomtek CEM850 is ideal for this solution. With PICMG compliant, the COM Express CPU module from Axiomtek has extremely high density system design. The customer’s device featured a laptop computer appearance with absolute reliability and Intel® Core™2 Duo processor. Since the system needed to integrate a high brightness LCD display, a removable waterproof full-stroke key-board, and extensive I/O, Axiomtek offered superior engineering support throughout the design process as well as provided custom BIOS service for the I/O and LCD. We listened to the customer’s demand and found the most efficient way to accomplish the final deployment and logistics.

Axiomtek CEM850 is a type-II module with Intel® GM45 chipsets and supports 45nm Intel® Core™2 Duo and Celeron® M processors. It supports two DDR3 SODIMM sockets with up to 8GB memory and offers a PCIe x16, five PCIe x1, and four 32-bit PCI for system expansion. Our COM module supports ITP which is the in-circuit testing port for direct communication with Intel® CPU for various applications and debugging purposes. This gives customers the potential to use multiple CEM850 modules as a multi-processor application in one customized baseboard. Axiomtek CEM850 is specially suited for solutions in digital signage, gaming and entertainment, security, retail and advertising, and multimedia.

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