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Rail Rapid Transit

For many people living in metropolitan areas, rail rapid transit is their main form of transportation. Top priority for rail transit companies is to ensure system stability and passenger safety. Axiomtek’s networking and embedded devices integrates a variety of I/O ports to support different interfaces to enable video, voice, and data transmission needed for passenger entertainment, emergency intercoms, and video surveillance. Moreover, our networking and embedded devices are comprised of high quality components with advantages of wide temperature range and longer MTBF.

Related Products

DIN-rail Fanless Embedded Systems

Axiomtek’s rBOX series of DIN-rail fanless embedded systems is suitable for intelligent computing and communication solutions in critical environments, such as power plant automation, facility monitoring systems, and intelligent transportation systems. The rBOX series supports an extended temperature range of -40°C to 70°C for use in extreme operating environments. The fanless design increases reliability, extends MTTR, and ultimately reduces maintenance efforts. Front accessible I/O cabling is very convenient for wiring and maintenance. The rBOX series features a redundant Ethernet LAN connection for greater availability and reliability. The redundant power inputs minimize the risk of data loss in the event of a single power failure. Their compact size with DIN-rail mounting allows for easy installation into control cabinets. The rBOX series meets Safety Agency requirements and have passed heavy industrial EMI/EMS testing. To streamline implementation of management applications, Axiomtek has launched AXView monitoring software package. Based on SNMP protocols, AXView makes it easy for system administrators to manage and monitor remote computers.

Fanless Touch Panel Computers

Axiomtek’s GOT fanless touch panel computers feature compact size and highly reliable system design. The GOT series adopts low power consumption CPU’s into its design. Features include an anti-vibration design, extended temperature operating ranges, high brightness display, IP65/NEMA 4 certified front bazel, and various embedded O.S. support.

Embedded Systems

Axiomtek’s outstanding configured and fanless embedded eBOX solutions , with extended temperature advantages, work with a wide range of applications. These embedded hardware platforms provide highly reliable and noiseless systems for harsh environments.

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