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Smart Street Lighting Control System

Smart street lighting control system allows a city to schedule lights on or off easily and set dimming levels of lights so a city can provide the right level of lighting intelligently. Smart and intelligent street lighting control systems are designed primarily for energy efficiency. Cities using smart street lighting control system reduces their street lighting energy. Smart street lighting control systems accurately detect light failure and other maintenance problems in real time so malfunctions can be fixed quickly. This intelligent system provides the operator with web access for automatic or manual monitoring and control over illumination performance. Additional smart automation systems such as temperature and pollution sensors, traffic signals, security, fire detection, visibility conditions and traffic sensors may be integrated and supported easily.

Why Axiomtek

  • Fanless and cableless design
  • Four isolated COM ports
  • Two watchdog timer
  • LED indicators
  • SNMP V1/V2c
  • Wireless (3G/GPRS)
  • Wide temperature operation of -40°C ~ +70°C
  • Two power paths with terminal block and 12-48VDC
  • Supports AXView monitoring software package

Smart Street Lighting Control System


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