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AOI with Fanless Embedded EtherCAT Computer

The AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) system is widely used for production detection today, from PCB, film, LCD panel, solar cell to wafer industries. It is suitable for the detection of inaccurate component mounting, reversed components, missing components, incorrect polarity, missing solder and bring. It is commonly used in the manufacturing process because it is a non-contact test method. AOI is able to perform most of the visual checks performed previously by manual operators. They are used for inspecting parts that have limited and known variations. Thus, the AOI system can deliver manufacturers the ability to efficiently inspect defects with high accuracy and performance. To meet this increasing demand, Axiomtek’s embedded box PCs and PCI Express cards are the proven solution to save manufacturer’s costs through high speed operation in a stable inspection environment.

Axiomtek’s IPC932-230-FL is an expandable fanless barebone system with various front-facing I/O connectors. The powerful embedded system IPC932-230-FL supports LGA1150 socket for the 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors. To fulfill different application needs, the compact industrial PC provides two flexible PCI/PCIe expansion slots with different combinations. Its DVI-I output on the front panel allows users to directly connect to a LCD panel while four COM ports and a DIO are provided for general industrial control. This all-in-one barebone system also has two easy-to-install 2.5 SATA HDD drive bays with RAID 0/1, and supports Intel® Active Management Technology 9.0 (AMT 9.0) to enhance overall device manageability. Axiomtek’s IPC932-230-FL integrates with the widely-used industrial master fieldbus interface, EtherCAT, to communicate with slave devices such as Drive & Motor and I/Os. Complete with IntervalZero’s RTX realtime operating system (RTOS) and KingStar software, the IPC932-230-FL is a perfect EtherCAT Master controller for industrial Ethernet communications solutions.

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