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Intelligent Transportation Solutions

The Emergence of the Intelligent Transportation System

Basically, an intelligent transportation system (ITS) arises from solving the problems of traffic congestion by utilizing a synergy of new information technology for simulating, controlling, and optimizing real-time transportation networks. ITS is made up of advanced devices and applications which aim to provide innovative services relating to different modes of transport and traffic management, enabling various users to be better informed and make safer, more coordinated, and ‘smarter’ use of transport networks.

Conformation to Safety Certification for ITS Solutions

Today, as an increasing number of transportation electronic devices and software are incorporated into intelligent transportation systems to reduce traffic congestion, curtail energy consumption, and provide better customers transport experience, Axiomtek’s tBOX series products have been ranked as a top choice for ITS solutions riding on such an ITS trend. With stability, reliability and flexibility, Axiomtek’s tBOX series was designed to meet E-Mark, ISO 7637, EN 50155 and 50121, IEC 60945 and DNV 2.4 standards for various vehicle, railway and marine transportation applications.

Instant Traffic Management

As a vast majority of the population are flooding into metropolitan areas, traffic congestion has become a constant pain for the urban living. Especially, in order to smoothly carry the tremendous number of passengers riding the public transportation to their destination on schedule, a proper surveillance system is required to enhance the integrity of public transportation system according to conditions on board and factors resulting from roadside traffic. Like scarce rain to a drought, Axiomtek’s tBOX312-870-FL and tBOX313-835-FL series offer a suitable surveillance solution, not only providing in-vehicle security and people-flow counting, but also integrating with data sent from the traffic control centre regarding the current road-side traffic situations, thus increasing the reliability of the transportation system, helping transportation vehicles to act accordingly by avoiding serious traffic congestion.

Intelligent Vehicle Surveillance

In practice, with embedded software applications, a combination of Axiomtek’s tBOX series can be installed in a traffic control centre and on board at a transportation vehicle to simulate and control traffic by collecting and analysing traffic status promptly, including availability of lanes, vehicle/passenger counts in designated zones, and the occurrence of accidents/traffic violations or an indication of construction/road blocks, thus guiding vehicles to take alternative routes or get in and out of certain zones at alternative times. Moreover, not only can Axiomtek’s tBOX facilitate DVR (digital video recorder) function but also it can connect with IP cameras to form a NVR (network video recorder) surveillance system, providing ubiquitous monitoring function to a driver to ensure passengers’ safety. Besides, all data collected at far ends can be transferred back to traffic control center through wireless or 3G/4G technology for remote management, thus enhancing overall resource allocation, traffic coordination and infrastructure integrity.

Dynamic Railway Management

As railways and subways play an increasingly important role in metropolitan transit systems, higher concern for their safety, efficiency and reliability tend to depend more heavily on ITS. Widely received as a solid ITS provider, Axiomtek has been offering railway gateway solutions through their outstanding tBOX321-870-FL series products. Constituting the core unit of a railway network, Axiomtek’s tBOX is equipped to analyse data acquired from remote sensors via advanced wireless communication technology underneath railway infrastructure. Not only can it process data from a running train at high speed, but also it can diagnose the operational status of multiple trains, dispatch train alerts messages to conductors and drivers, hence ensuring optimization of mechanical and electrical conditions, providing early detection and diagnosis of problems, while delivering seamless and integrated railway services to the general public.

Wireless Mobile Connectivity

In addition, Axiomtek’s tBOX series can be installed as a rail gateway providing onboard wireless Internet connectivity solutions, offering passenger services like Wi-Fi and multimedia. At the same time, tBOX also can be used for safety management by collecting data from passengers, then transmitting to a control center for analyzing via wireless communication technology.

Intelligent Ship Gateway

In addition, Axiomtek’s tBOX330-870-FL is also a powerful computing unit for intelligent ship gateway. Through serial ports, Ethernet and CAN bus, Axiomtek’ tBOX can collect data from ship devices, engaging in data analysis, storage and communication among all ship devices, thus facilitating coordination from ships to piers in terms of dynamic navigation, video surveillance and marine safety. Specifically, Axiomtek’s tBOX comprises a crucial and pivoting core in an intelligent ship gateway, consolidating data transmitted to the piers in terms of the location, course and speed of a ship, allowing the pier side to schedule the status of ships accordingly, thus avoiding conflicts while maximizing overall capacity throughput. In practice, tBOX330-870-FL has further incorporated third-party software ‘Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS)’ for marine applications. Under Ethernet network, such an integrated system can control and monitor all aspects of ships, such as propulsion plant, hydrographic, meteorological and navigational management, thus enhancing, security and efficiency while cutting cost and climate threat.

Ultimate Intelligent Transportation Solutions

In conclusion, contributing to intelligent transportation solutions for years, Axiomtek’s tBOX series has prevailed with its powerful features and fanless design, functioning at extended temperatures and durable under great shock and vibration, powerfully enabling the reduction of any impact in rugged transportation environments. Internally, its PCI Express Mini Card slots and SIM card sockets provide seamless communication and great expansion to work compatibly with various interfaces externally. More amazingly, Axiomtek’s tBOX demonstrates a strong capability to integrate a huge array of third-party software, satisfying an ever-increasing demand for intelligent transportation solutions.

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