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Health Evaluation Center

In recent years, more and more people have begun to look towards preventative health care as a means to stay healthier, longer. Therefore, many people get physical examinations annually. Generally, people can either go to a health evaluation center in a hospital or to a private professional health center to be examined. These processes can be done in the shortest time and save the waiting time in each checking item.

Axiomtek provides a series of panel PC solutions which can help health evaluation centers increase their operation efficiency, save on expenses, increase revenue and shorten wait times for each patient test. With panel PC technology in place, patients can spend less time waiting for their examinations and medical professionals provide faster service.

Health Evaluation Center

Digital Signage Solutions in Lobby

When a visitor enters the health evaluation center, registration can be done by a nurse via the GOT5153W-834, which will help her check the patient in and give them an RFID tag for identification during their examination. With help from the GOT3187W-834 or OPS883-H, patients in the waiting room lobby can be shown information as to where their examination will take place and how long their wait time will be. Moreover, through these digital signage players, health evaluation centers can show promotions or advertisements to patients.

Medical Panel PC in Examination Room

In each examination room, doctors can examine patients via various medical devices, which can be equipped with Axiomtek’s Medical Panel PCs (MPC). To ensure their patient’s identity and information, doctors can use an RFID reader in their MPC to check a patient’s RFID tag at the start of their examinations. Doctors can operate these medical devices via these Medical Panel PC as an HMI which provides more convenient operating. Doctors can also operate their MRI, via the MPC152-832, to detect tumors, vascular abnormalities, infarctions or even ischemic changes of the brain. The MPC102-832 can be connected to an eye examination instrument for use during an optometry test, while the MPC225-873 or MPC175-834 can display test results from a doctor’s visit. With the help of these MPCs, examinations can be made more efficient.

Providing Completed Medical Panel PC

The MPC series is a slim medical grade panel computer solutions with 10.4″, 15″, 17″ and 22″ high brightness LCDs, which can utilize the low power Intel® i7/i5/i3 Core™ 2 Duo/Celeron® M/Pentium® M / Atom™ processor. With its unique IP65-rated front panel and IPX1-rated full enclosure seal, MPC series is well protected from outside damages, yet still offers excellent heat ventilation and fanless operation. Additional features include a 5 mega pixel camera for remote patient diagnosis, Bluetooth for wireless connection between other medical devices, internal Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g), RFID reader for identification, PCI/PCIe slot for expansion flexibility and a supermulti DVD.

In the future, we will continue to provide more create and smarter medical systems to help health evaluation centers have more connections with their patients.

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