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Gaming Solutions

Gaming Solutions

Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Data Acquisition – Non-intrusive Data Extraction

Machine Vision Solution

Predictive Maintenance Solutions

Industry 4.0 Makes Factory Smart

Smart Factory

Warehouse Automation

Electric Vehicle Charging System

Building Automation

CNC Machine

Continuous Belt-type Furnace

Beverage Factory Automation

HVAC System

Smart Street Lighting Control System

Large Scale Lighting and HVAC Systems

Increased Holiday Demand with Reliable Factory Automation

AOI with Fanless Embedded EtherCAT Computer

Intelligent Embedded Service Framework

Intelligent Process Automation

Food Factory

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT)

Agent MaaS Suite (AMS)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Edge Computing Solutions

Realizing Farm Intelligent

Smarter Cities with Smarter Infrastructures

Smart technology in airports, education and banks

Internet of Things

Factory Automation & Smart Energy

Smart Homes and Buildings

Smart Machines

Medical Solutions

Medical Solutions

Computer Solutions for Diagnostic Medical Devices

Intelligent Medical Solutions

Medical Cart Technology

Cell Therapy

Health Evaluation Center

Smart Healthcare

Blood Testing Technology

DNA Sequencing

Mobile Stroke Treatment Units

Dental Implant Technology

Advancements in Medical Technology

Medical Robots

Intelligent Medical Automation

Power and Energy

Power and Energy

Advancing Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Axiomtek’s Industrial Computer Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry

Axiomtek’s Intel RFP Ready Kit

Smart Energy Control System for IIoT

Solar-Powered Solutions


Substation Automation

Power Utility

Wind Power Automation

Retail Solutions

Retail Solutions

Intelligent Retail

Omni-Channel Retailing

Optimizing In-Store Experience

Innovative Digital Signage Solutions

Banking Kiosk

Restaurant Kiosk

Self-service Kiosks

POS and Commercial Display

Digital Signage Solution

OPS Compliant Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Education



Smart Bus

High-tech Trackside and Station

Roadside and In-vehicle Box PCs

Intelligent Transportation Solutions

Intelligent Transportation Surveillance System

Bus Ticket Machine

Mobile Tactical Computer

Industrial-proven Transportation Solutions

Marine Logistics

Fleet Management

Vehicle Detection System

Rail Rapid Transit

Railway Rolling Stock

e-Bus in ITS system

Improved Surveillance Technology for Mass Transit

Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication

Fleet Management and Surveillance System in Vehicle

Intelligent Security Surveillance System in Railway

Increased Passenger Safety

Intelligent Transportation System Solutions

In-vehicle Camera Used by Law Enforcement

Transit Station

Train Control System