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Food Factory

Seamless tracking of products from initial delivery to the food counter is at the forefront of the company’s activities. Axiomtek’s panel PCs offer fully integrated solutions for efficient process control from quality assurance to logistics to complete traceability along the entire value chain. The panel PCs used in fruit processing plant are subjected to harsh treatment. In the past, panel PC systems would fail regularly because of moisture and water ingress. However, after Axiomtek received feedback from manufacturers in the food processing industry, our products began to evolve with better designs for harsh environments.

Food Factory Automation

17″ Full IP66 & IP69K Stainless Steel Panel PCs for Food Factories

The hardened GOT817-834 is made of SUS316 stainless steel, which can prevent bacteria growth and rust accumulation brought on by prolonged usage. Good food hygiene is essential when making or selling food that is safe to eat. The GOT817-834 can be used in food and beverage production lines where daily cleaning with pressure water is required. Its fanless and noiseless design and IP66/IP69- rated waterproof enclosure keep the system working efficiently and reliability against dust, dirt, water, oil, and chemicals. Additionally, the wide temperature design of -20°C to 55°C is ideal for food processing environments. The flat panel design prevents accumulation of dust and moisture and also makes cleaning easier.

High Performance Panel PC for Product Inspection

The P1157S-881 supports 4th generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3, Pentium® and Celeron® processors with LGA1150 socket. Because of its high performance, it can work alongside a high speed camera for detecting the quality of products. Automated systems perform the processes with less variability and keep consistency with better product quality than when systems are controlled by a human. It can also handle multi-tasking dynamically to improve safety and reduce production lead time. The P1177S-881 features an anti-corrosion front bezel made with industrial-grade material and also has excellent vibration resistance. It is suitable for point of information (POI) and control centers in automation systems.

Low Power Expandable Panel PC for Conveyor System Control

Industrial automation controllers in factory applications require high computing performance, low power consumption, rich I/O for connectivity and wide bandwidth for data acquisition. By adopting the Intel® Bay Trail platform, the slim and expandable P1177E-842 industrial panel PC comes with all of the aforementioned features. It can be integrated with an HMI package in a PC-based solution to offer great stability for controlling the conveyor belt systems in factories. The system’s gigabit LAN ports are also available to communicate with control centers for remote control operation. It also supports site disposal operation to keep mass production processing smooth. The P1177E-842 has competitive price, compact size and easy maintenance features, making an ideal system for rugged applications.

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