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Optimizing In-Store Experience

The IoT enables retailers to address the new ways of shopping and deliver a seamless, differentiated customer experience. Axiomtek offers a complete package of retail solutions, including panel PCs, digital signage systems, embedded boards and box PCs to help the retailers create a retail environment that is a win-win for both them and their customers.

Interactive Digital Signage System

The interactive digital signage provides customers with diverse promotional information, such as event news, product pictures and discount offers, to help customers learn about the services or products provided by retailers. Axiomtek’s OPS-series and SDM-series are designed to support high computing and graphics performance at a lower cost, available in various compact sizes with designs particularly suited for streamlined installation and maintenance needs.

Intelligent Shopping Cart (Smart Cart) with a Tablet/Panel PC

Axiomtek’s tablet solution can be built into a shopping cart and turns the cart into an intelligent personal shopping assistant to help customers in everyday shopping dilemmas. The tablet’s GPS and Wi-Fi capabilities allow shoppers to locate products inside a grocery store using the search feature, and with the navigation feature quickly find what they are looking for from the store map as they shop. The smart cart makes grocery shopping easier and faster than ever before.

Interactive Kiosk System/Panel PC

Large interactive screens and captivating digital content are the best tools for product promotions and customer assistance. Store owners can exchange multimedia images or content to convey their messages to customers with a user-friendly kiosk system combined with a backstage management platform. Retail stores and shopping malls can also use kiosks with various screen sizes to better present their information and help improve customer experiences. These kiosks support numerous media formats and can also serve as bulletin boards for broadcasting the latest store news and event information.

Self-Checkout System

Service speed is a crucial element that influences customer satisfaction. Self-checkout terminals can drastically enhance service quality by enabling customers to easily check out and pay for products without staff assistance. Axiomtek’s system is equipped with the latest Intel core processor to ensure rapid service speed and has also integrated digital signage management software to provide more functions for customers.

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