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Internet of Things

“Internet of Things” is a vision where everyday objects are networked through the use of the Internet. Axiomtek offers an array of solutions to fulfill this vision, ideally suited for power utility, transportation, Industrial automation, and many more applications, enabling efficient communication and control.


  • Factory Automation
  • Intelligent Transportation
  • Energy Saving
  • Health Care
  • Security and Survillence
  • Building Management
  • Agriculture Automation
  • Vehicle Controlling and Monitoring

Axiomtek IoT Products


Industrial Firewall

The effective industrial firewall offers a scalable security function, beginning with a clear firewall and ending with a firewall with VPN (Virtual Private Network), for industrial automation, process control, energy and medical instrument remote management application.

Industrial Gateway

The  industrial gateway simplifies the development process and deployment of IoT gateways and achieves accelerated business transformation. It features low power consumption, wireless connectivity for cloud, rich expansion, RTC battery and robust design. It is designed to withstand temperatures ranging from -20°C to +70°C for use in extremely cold or hot environments and has ultra-lightweight advantage and compact design for any space-limited application.

Industrial Ethernet Switch

The Ethernet switches are designed to provide flawless communications in the harsh environments at the edge of the network. The flexibility of Ethernet ports, various mounting way and power options can best match the applications that require a tough, environmentally hardened, Ethernet switch.

Ethernet Converter

The Ethernet extenders, media converters and serial device servers are specifically designed to overcome the challenges mostly seen in industrial networking and control for applications such as power utility, transportation, factory & building automation and more.

Devices & Sensors

Din-rail Fanless Embedded System

The rBOX series is well suited for communications and operational control in power plant management. These rugged din-rail controllers can help to manage the process of generating and distributing energy effectively. The embedded system can communicate through an Ethernet network to help increase productivity and time efficiency.

Transportation Embedded System

The tBOX series is well-suited for rolling stock-related applications including passenger information systems, video surveillance, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) systems, on-board diagnostics systems and mobility control units. It is versatile and reliable to control many complex applications of intelligent transportation operations.

Embedded System

Whether your requirement is a fully customized solution or semi-customized one, Axiomtek’s comprehensive eBOX product line will meet even the most complicated needs and help shorten time-to-market.

Superior Multi-touch Panel Computer

With superior computing capability and human-machine interface integrated in the multi-touch system, Axiomtek’s touch panel PC is ideal for application such as hotel/airport check-in/out kiosks, self-service restaurant’s ordering stations, building visitor controls and any IoT-related applications.

AXView 2.0 – Intelligent Management Solution for IoT

  • Local Hardware Monitoring
  • Local SRAM Backup
  • Remote Management
  • Store Apps
  • Service Cloud
  • SNMP, MQTT, MODBUS, SNMP Trap, and Email
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