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Intelligent Transportation Surveillance System

Public Transportation Safety

In recent years, safety in public transportation has become an important issue. Keeping citizens lives and property safe from terrorist attacks and social crimes are some of the major priorities for public transportation entities. Axiomek has been devoted to developing the best transportation surveillance embedded systems for more than 25 years, designing and manufacturing products for the vehicle, railway and marine transportation markets. Axiomtek integrates various platforms and accessory equipment to connect with onboard devices, and provides surveillance, safety and management total solution to create a stable, reliable and safety environment.

Onboard Surveillance Solutions

Axiomtek has been dedicated to developing the best transportation surveillance systems for many years. In an attempt to improve our products, we continuously asks for feedback from our end users in order to design better transportation embedded systems. We provide embedded systems for in-vehicle, railway, and marine surveillance applications. Our tBOX product series comes equipped with antivibration dual storage design and RAID 0/1 functions so that the system can securely save the data in the local system and transfer it to a control center vial wireless communications to ensure secure operations. Axiomtek’s tBOX product series comes with enhanced features, including vibration endurance, wide operating temperature, fanless design, long-term operation to strengthen reliability and stability, and low maintenance costs. We also seek to secure every single international vertical market certification for our tBOX products and integrate them with onboard surveillance accessories to provide total, user-friendly optimized solutions.

Real-time Passenger Infotainment Solutions

Arrival and departure times are crucial information for passengers utilizing public transportation and Axiomtek’s tBOX product series is well suited to deliver this constantly updating information to the vehicle’s passengers. The tBOX series can perform reliable and stable operation in mass transit settings in order to deliver information including station names, train location, accurate arrival time via GPS and wireless communication in order to communicate with the transit’s control center and maintain onboard onboard ads.

Intelligent Transportation Surveillance System

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