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Smart Homes and Buildings

Imagine a Thanksgiving with all of the happiness of a friends and family get-together – similar to the pleasing and peaceful vision of a Norman Rockwell painting- but with the convenience of new and advanced technology to keep the family gathering as comfortable and effortless as possible.

The advent of “smart” embedded computer technology and IoT gateway devices has made the Internet of Things (IoT) possible for home and building usage. Embedded computer systems/IoT gateway devices now can collect and transfer data on routine behaviors to control centers via the cloud for analysis – then program the devices at the edge to automatically deliver preferred settings and course of actions.

Each edge device such as the thermostat, door locks, appliances and more can be very “smart”. When you get home, your thermostat will already have warmed up the house to the preferred temperature, your door will be unlocked when you pull into your driveway, your lights will be activated, and security features will be deactivated for entry. New appliances like “smart” ovens can now set an optimal cooking temperature and time based on the size/weight of the meal and you can also receive notifications of when the meal is finished through your phone. For a closer look at your meal, even in a different room, these “smart” ovens can also send video feeds to you so that you can keep an eye on Thanksgiving dinner while not being stuck in the kitchen. All operations can be overridden and controlled via tablet, phone or even wearable devices.

Convenience is not the only focus of smart technology. Embedded computer system and IoT gateway devices can be integrated into “smart” homes and buildings to lower energy consumption. The systems can be used to manage battery storage of solar energy and regulate operations at home, buildings and warehouses. The systems can monitor energy usage and manage operations for an optimum level of efficiency.

Axiomtek’s eBOX embedded systems and rBOX DIN-rail embedded controllers and the ICO300-MI are well suited to control systems operations; data collection and communications to control centers through the cloud for data analysis; connectivity with other mobile devices; camera operations and image transfer.  These industrial grade computers have many advanced features including high performance/low power consumption CPUs, the Intel® IoT Gateway Solution, fanless designs, multiple wireless connectivity options, wide operating temperature ranges, and more.v

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