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Omni-Channel Retailing

Leverage Smart IT Solutions for your Retail Business

The retail industry has changed significantly through the use of smart technology and the Internet of Things (IoT). Axiomtek offers a variety of high interoperability digital signage players, embedded systems and IIoT gateway devices that are well-suited for smart retail and surveillance applications. These systems are highly reliable, scalable and can be integrated and customized to fit a variety of demanding smart retail and surveillance application needs.

Customizable Design on Multi-retail Systems/Solutions

In order to meet the retail market’s demands with satisfactory solutions, Axiomtek offers both board-level and system-level customized designs and integration services for the retail market. Our highly disciplined team approach allows us to stay ahead of our competitors in product development cycle time while still retaining the highest quality possible.

Interactive Digital Signage System

The interactive digital signage provides customers with diverse promotional information, such as event news, product pictures and discount offers, to help customers learn about the services or products provided by retailers. Axiomtek’s OPS-series and SDM-series are designed to support high computing and graphics performance at a lower cost, available in various compact sizes with designs particularly suited for streamlined installation and maintenance needs.

Mobile POS

A mobile POS is a smartphone tablet or dedicated wireless device that performs the functions of a cash register or electronic point of sale terminal (ePOS). Store staff can use a mobile POS to engage and aid customers from anywhere in the store instead of being tied to the cash register. The mobile POS system not only performs checkout services, but also integrates with remote monitoring software, digital signage manager technology and inventory system, significantly increasing customer engagement and reinforcing buyer motivation.

Interactive Kiosk System/Panel PC

Large interactive screens and captivating digital content are the best tools for product promotions and customer assistance. Store owners can exchange multimedia images or content to convey their messages to customers with a user-friendly kiosk system combined with a backstage management platform. Retail stores and shopping malls can also use kiosks with various screen sizes to better present their information and help improve customer experiences. These kiosks support numerous media formats and can also serve as bulletin boards for broadcasting the latest store news and event information.

New Generation Vending Machine

Unlike a traditional vending machine which often fails to draw much attention from consumers, the new generation vending machine has adopted an interactive digital signage platform that is capable of displaying eye-catching content as well as communicating with people as they come to the vending machine to make a purchase. Through the implementation of digital signage solutions, the new generation vending machine can help retailers boost their sales revenues by attracting more people to buy their products, while also creating a lucrative source of advertising income with dynamic signage content.

Retail Security System

The retail security system offers surveillance needs that include capturing high-quality video inside or outside of the store; transferring and storing of such video; and alerting the control center. The DIN-rail box PC with PoE LAN ports can directly connect to IP cameras. The compact size makes it suitable for anywhere in the store.

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