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Smart Bus

For transportation authorities regulating public transit and traffic, reducing risks associated with driving and commuting to ensure the safety of the general public is a top priority. Governments of the major cities worldwide have been injecting enormous funds into new technologies, aiming to optimize transportation infrastructure and bolster public security for a huge population traveling daily between work, school, and home. With increased incorporation of intelligent embedded solutions into transportation facilities, transport authorities are now able to launch more initiatives to better protect the lives and properties of drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Deployment of bus surveillance presents an excellent example in this regard, demonstrating how a successful model driven by innovative technologies has improved not just the efficiency of mass transit operation, but the security of public transportation as well.

CCTV Surveillance

With years of dedication to the development of innovative transportation technologies as well as continuous collaboration with its partners, Axiomtek has launched a series of embedded system solutions to facilitate the implementation of mission-critical projects for public transportation security and safety.

Unlike indoor deployment, when it comes to implementing CCTV surveillance in vehicles, a variety of tough on-board situations must be considered, such as vibration, extreme temperatures and potential interference with surrounding electronics. Axiomtek offers a certified NVR system with great endurance to help overcome these challenges specific to the onboard environment, delivering stable and reliable NVR functionality to monitor and record vehicle activity.

According to a field application survey, the features that come with Axiomtek’s certified products, including driver’s live-view monitors, wireless communication and NVR, are not only able to alert drivers to potential dangers and help them build proper driving behavior, but also significantly improve their user experience with minimum maintenance cost, ultimately elevating driving safety for both drivers and passengers.

Passenger Information System & Fleet Management

Helping passengers find the information they need with the lease time and effort is among the list of priorities for public transportation companies. An integrated and real-time information sharing platform can fulfill such needs by delivering rich and correct information to passengers. Axiomtek is also offering onboard platforms, display monitors and station solutions. Through the use of a certified and reliable platform with GPS and wireless connection capabilities, each single transportation utility can communicate with each other and with the control center. The platform can display real-time scheduling and destination information to passengers, assisting them in obtaining the right information within a short period of time. It also allows transportation companies to cut down on information/passenger assistance manpower. By Leveraging Axiomtek’s transportation-certified system, transportation operation companies can adjust their fleet arrangements during peak times, reduce passenger wait time and enhance transportation utility efficiency, making the communication-based system an ideal solution for fleet management.

Leveraging with such system that transportation operation companies may adjust their fleet arrangement on a peak time, reducing passenger wait time and enhance the efficiency of transportation utility, with wireless and GPS function may connect with each vehicle utility, Axiomtek offers a certified and reliable platform for a communication-based and contribute a complete fleet management solution.

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