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Intelligent Medical Solutions

Axiomtek has years of experience in developing medical computing solutions and has ambition to fulfill the growing demands of global medical device market. With customizable features including high performance CPUs, extensive storage capabilities, rich I/O options for expandability, various form factor sizes, projected-capacitive multi-touch screen displays, and multiple safety and medical certifications – Axiomtek’s medical panel PCs are well suited for a wide range of medical industry applications. Our products and design assistance services offer many benefits to our clients who trust our long-term expertise and wide range of products to help support their mission critical, highly complex projects.

Medical-Certified Panel PCs

Axiomtek offers a variety of medical panel PC products that come with panel sizes from 10″ to 24″ and with ARM and x86 based platforms to fulfill various requirements for different medical applications. Products with panel sizes from 10″ to 15.6″ are equipped with an entry level performance processor, and 17″ to 24″ panel PC products are powered by a high performance processor to deal with high-level information processing.

The FDA has added the IEC 60601-1-2:2014 (4th edition) “Medical electrical equipment – Part 1-2: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance” to the list of compliance standards for medical devices and systems, and has recently announced a new compliance deadline on December 31, 2018, by which all medical device manufacturers must demonstrate compliance to the 4th edition of IEC 60601-1-2. This date aligns with the current European Union medical devices directive. Axiomtek has upgraded the certification from the 3rd version to the 4th version for its medical panel PCs in response to the new requirement, facilitating the medical certification process for customers’ systems.

Designed for Operating Rooms

A medical panel PC designed for use in an operating room must be a medical-certified device to ensure that its meets essential safety and performance requirements. For optimal protection, a medical panel PC must be at least IP65-certified for the front panel and IPX1-certified for the back cover in order to prevent dust or any liquid such as blood from damaging the system. The housing of a medical panel PC must have smooth, round corners for the safety of medical professionals and patients, and can be wiped frequently with any disinfectant. The PC should also include PCIe expansion slots for flexible expansion of the system to integrate a video capture card for conducting video recording or streaming during operation or surgery, or a graphics card for enhancing graphics processing performance.

Axiomtek offers the MPC175-873 to be your best solution for operating room applications. This medical panel PC is powered by a core level processor with memory up to 16GB, featuring one PCI or PCIe x4 slot and two mini two PCI Express Mini Card slots, as well as an IP65-rated front panel and an IPX1-rated back cover for better protection. The built-in 5 mega pixels camera, microphone and stereo speakers of the PC allow medical professionals to execute remote operation. It also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for wireless connection and DVD ROM for medical image viewing.

The MPC102-845 is perfectly fit for the needs of anesthesia applications, which require small-sized panel PCs with medical certification and entry level performance. The MPC102-845 is a 10.4″ Intel® Celeron®-based fanless touch panel PC that features a modern, super sleek and fanless design, a 10.4″ TFT LCD, as well as an Intel® Celeron® processor N3060 with dual cores of up to 2.48 GHz. For wireless network connection, the MPC152-845 offers 2 PCI Express Mini Card slots. Customers can have instant access to wireless LAN by simply plugging in the wireless card. This 10.4″ medical panel platform complies with the 4th version of EN 60601-1 and CE, FCC Class B certifications to ensure medical operation safety. It has an IP65 rating for the front panel and IPX1 rating for the back cover for liquid and dust protection.

Designed for Medical Carts

A panel PC designed for integration into a medical cart should possess the following characteristics and features: first, it has to be ultra lightweight, since the arm used to hold up the system cannot sustain too much weight. Secondly, a medical panel PC needs to have a backup battery inside which allows medical professionals to operate the medical cart for as long as possible. More importantly, the system should be able to integrate peripherals such as a smart card reader or a RFID system, as well as Wi-Fi and BT capabilities for wireless connection. Axiomtek’s MPC240 can be incorporated into medical carts. The MPC240 is a 24″ medical panel PC featuring a 10-point multi-touch screen and a 4th generation Intel® Core™, Celeron® or Pentium® Mobile processor. It has a spill-proof front panel design which protects the entire system from outside liquid to prevent system crash. The MPC240 is a super slim 24″ touch panel PC with a thickness of 35.5mm and weight of 6.2 kg only. The compact size makes the PC ideally suited for a space-constrained healthcare environment. The MPC240 is also a highly integrated system that incorporates a backup battery, an optical drive, a microphone and a built-in camera to meet different demands.

Designed for Ultrasound System

An ultrasound device includes a transducer, a central processing unit or computer connected to a display, an imaging recorder, a keyboard and power. The transducer sends sound waves which are reflected back to the transducer after they bounce off the structures that are the focus of the ultrasound. The central processing unit of the ultrasound measures the echo intensities and speed and then converts them into electronic images that appear on the display.

A medical panel PC designed for ultrasound applications can be integrated with an ultrasound box and functions as the main system processing unit to measure echo intensities and speed, then generates ultrasound images on its panel display. The medical panel PC is required to deliver high core-level performance and an expansion interface of a PCIe slot by 8 or 16 to integrate additional graphic cards for graphics processing enhancement. Axiomtek offers MPC175 as our best solutions to ultrasound applications. It deliver high core-level performance with great expansion capability for accommodating additional cards to adapt to diverse demands.

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