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Intelligent Process Automation

The industrial world is changing and its becoming smarter with the rise of new technologies, changing the automation landscape into the next era currently known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Manufacturers are seeking ways to maintain profitability by increasing productivity and reducing operational costs.

Current automation trends favor the Connected or Smart Factory concept. Advancements in technology have taken the automation world to a new height. Computer systems are now expected to communicate and cooperate with each other with very little human involvement. Suppliers and customers can track statuses, automatically fulfill requests, manage their orders, check on invoices and payments accurately in real-time. Valuable data can also be collected and analyzed for future improvements.

Axiomteks automation products are designed and manufactured specifically to serve the needs arising from these emerging trends. Axiomtek has a vast experience in designing, developing and producing state-of-the-art’s industrial PCs, embedded systems, panel PCs supporting a mainstream CPU architecture with I/O expansion capabilities to meet the demands of the evolving market related to the Smart Factory. They are highly customizable and designed with flexibility in mind for various topologies and communication options to connect with other edge devices, sensors, and more. These systems can be used for a variety of automation industry applications such as robotics, inventory management, quality control, assembly line control and more. They are designed to help enhance productivity, increase efficiency, reduce human errors, and offer a higher return on investment.

Advancements in embedded computer hardware are constantly pushing the limits of what can be improved in a factory. The evolving landscape of the automation industry depends largely on availability and investment costs to adopt emerging technologies. Who knows – maybe the future of automation will be true evolutionary innovations, where collaboration between machines and humans results in the highest quality products, efficient operations and optimum values for the manufacturers, workers and consumers.

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