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Intelligent Security Surveillance System in Railway

Intelligent Security Surveillance System in Railway

Public Transportation System Safety

Public transportation system safety is an important modern issue, with concerns about terrorist attacks affecting the lives and property of citizens. Axiomtek’s railway PCs, which are able to integrate related equipment, offer not only a safety surveillance requirement, but also connectivity with vehicle facility applications to create a fast and convenient integrated solution.

Railway Panel PC in Driver’s Cab

The GOT700 series is used to keep the train driver informed about the status of the train’s functions. Its design allows it to be deployed in environment with an extended temperature (-25°C ~ 70°C) and also certificated with the EMC, shock and vibration test requirements of European standard EN50155 for railway applications. GOT710-837 is equipped with 10.4″ TFT ruggedized touch panel computer and all lockable connectors are perfect choice for Human Machine Interface(HMI) in railway environments.

Railway PC for Surveillance System

Axiomtek can provide solutions such as the tBOX323-835-FL railway PC, which comes with an anti-vibration designed dual storage device and a RAID 0/1 function to record and upload data which can be transmitted to a control center. Furthermore, the tBOX323-835-FL is a stable and reliable solution that comes with four Ethernet ports to connect with various surveillance switches at the same time to optimize equipment setup efficiency.

Real-time Passenger Information

The arrival and departure time of a train is a critical aspect of train management. Axiomtek’s railway PCs can be a major asset with realtime GPS and connections between trains and satellites to transmit timing, digital signage and other information.

Intelligent Security Surveillance System in Railway

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