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Intelligent Warehouse Management

The competitive climate in multiple sectors are driven by the rise of the Industry 4.0 phenomenon and new Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Most manufacturers are seeking ways to enhance their competitive advantages by investing in available computer and big data technologies to automate and optimize efficiencies in all areas of their operations. The “Smart Factory” concept has been adopted in many regions throughout the world. Its key characteristic involves fully-integrated, real-time intelligent systems that can respond quickly and automatically with little or no human involvement to the changing demands, conditions and uncertainties.

Many of the following factors are considered crucial for a successful deployment of a smart factory, artificial intelligence, low latency data acquisition and transfer, contextualized data for actionable and predictive analytics, and automated production and warehouse operation for higher transparencies and efficiencies. In a smart factory, humans and machines collaborate to make the best possible decisions through cyber-physical systems (CPS) and IoT in real-time.

Smart automation applications in challenging operational environments require smart computer solutions that are highly dependable and designed to meet the demanding conditions to ensure optimum performance and uptime. Axiomtek is a leading design and manufacturing company in the industrial computer and embedded field. Our focus is to deliver high-quality products and services that help solve our customer’s challenges in the automation industry. We provide a comprehensive line of industrial-grade HMI products and embedded system for factory automation applications such as material quality management, in-process quality inspection, smart packaging and more. Our approach is to offer true customer values by designing our solutions to help enhance productivity, increase efficiency, reduce human errors and offer a higher return on investment.

Feature-Rich HMI – the GOT5000 and GOT100 Product Series

Axiomtek understands the industry needs for industrial computer solutions that are rich with purpose-built features aimed at optimizing their designed functionalities. In addition to performance, the heightened demands for secured manufacturing environments are also a critical factor for a factory or warehouse operational success. An example of our GOT5000 products that serve the aforementioned needs is GOT5103W-845. It offers interfaces that allow for integration with an RFID module and door security software to support facility security control and management. This touch panel computer can be integrated with cameras for surveillance purposes. It can also be used to monitor electricity consumption in the factory via the use of DIO ports for analytics and efficiency improvements.

Vision Gateway System – the ICO Product Series

The ICO product line offers many options for applications such as gateway, edge control system and vision control system. An example of a good system for vision inspection and surveillance is the ICO320. With its PoE port and PoE management tool offered by Axiomtek, the ICO320 can be easily connected to cameras to capture video images. Axiomtek’s proprietary Agent Maas Suite software (AMS) is designed as a complete solution for the ICO’s data management and device health monitoring. Users can capture and transfer sensor data to the cloud for analytics and improvements. This deployment-ready solution provides a quick, simple and reliable way to create an effective IIoT system. It is suitable for a variety of smart factory applications including vision inspection and factory surveillance.

The Forklift Application – the GOT600 Product Series

The GOT600 series products offer features that help streamline warehouse operations. Our industrial touch panel computers have made human-machine interactions more efficient, helped eliminate most picking and fulfillment errors, and improved product traceability and overall productivity. Our GOT600 products have served the needs of operations that required forklift use. They were implemented to help collect data from forklifts operating in the field and transfer it back to a data center near real-time. The GOT600 products offer the level of dependability and flexibility that are much needed by both operation managers and forklift operators. Their ruggedized and purpose-built features such as wide operating temperature and power input ranges, auto-dimming and high brightness made them the right choice for applications that require a good combination of ruggedness, performance and reliability indoor or outdoor.

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