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Intelligent Retail

To remain competitive in the ever-changing retail climates, retail businesses have shifted their focus to deliver consistent, seamless positive shopping experiences through the use of technology in support of their omni-channel retailing strategies. Investments are being made by major retailers with the main goals of improving their understanding of consumer buying behavior, product and service offerings, customer buying experience and ultimately, enhanced profitability and long-term brand loyalty. Axiomtek’s retail solutions are designed to support the retail industry’s quest to be the best in class. Our advanced, feature-rich, easy-to-deploy retail computer products are formulated for cutting edge retail applications. They include intelligent point of sales, kiosk and digital signage applications.

Solutions for Hypermarket Stores/Shopping Malls

Interactive Digital Signage System

Large interactive digital signage and captivating content are the best tools for product promotions and customer assistance. These in-store signage displays can also support numerous media formats and serve as bulletin boards for broadcasting the latest store news and event information. They can offer relevant event news and special store-wide promotions to increase brand loyalty.

Axiomtek’s OPS and SDM digital signage products are made to serve retailers’ variety of interactive digital signage needs. They are scalable, support high computing and graphics performance and are available in various specifications with interfaces built for streamlined installation and maintenance. These products are made to last. They are built to deliver true customer value and low long-term cost of ownership.

Intelligent Shopping Cart (Smart Cart) with a Tablet/Panel PC

Axiomtek’s tablet solution can be built into a shopping cart and turn the cart into an intelligent personal shopping assistant to help customers with everyday shopping tasks. The tablet’s GPS and Wi-Fi capabilities allow shoppers to search for products inside a grocery store and quickly locate the products with the navigation feature as they shop. The smart cart makes grocery shopping easier and faster than ever before.

Interactive Kiosk System/Panel PC

Interactive kiosks and appealing digital content are the best tools for product promotions and customer assistance. Retailers can now easily deliver relevant multimedia images and messages to their customers through the use of a smart kiosk system. These interactive kiosks can serve many useful purposes. It can help provide customers with an abundance of useful pertinent information about their products of interest. For example, special discounts, product 3-D imagery, availability, in-store location and product reviews help customers save their time, learn about the products and services, and make effective decisions on their purchases.

Axiomtek’s motherboards, embedded systems and panel computers are designed for kiosk integration and use ranging from delivering simple product information to more complex tasks – data capture for analytics and real-time delivery of interactive content based on past buying histories and demographics. Our wide range of products offers versatility, rich features, uncompromised quality and exceptional reliability. They are designed for fast deployment and have been selected for various kiosk applications.

Self-Checkout System

A customer’s in-store experience rating often comes down to a few crucial considerations – one being the speed and ease of their check-out process. It is one of the most important factors influencing a retailer’s success. Self-checkout terminals offer a simple and quick option for those who do not need personal assistance during the payment process. It can drastically reduce wait time and enhance customer satisfaction. Axiomtek’s computers have been used to control and manage the features and overall operation of self-checkout systems. They are equipped with the latest Intel® Core™ processors to ensure fast processing time and good and reliable performance. Our products offer high compatibility levels with various digital signage/content management software and deliver rich functionalities to the retailers that can be translated into better self-checkout experience for their customers.

Solutions for Small Stores/Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs)/Customer Service (CS)

Mobile Point of Sales (POS)

A mobile POS usually involves the use of a smartphone tablet or dedicated wireless device that performs the functions of a cash register or electronic point of sale terminal (ePOS). Store staff can use a mobile POS to engage with and provide assistance to customers from anywhere in the store instead of being tied to the cash register. The mobile POS system can not only perform checkout functions, but it also can be integrated with digital signage management technology and an inventory system. With such access to information readily available at the store staff’s fingertips, they are equipped to provide answers, recommendations and solutions to satisfy the customer’s needs. Mobile POS systems can significantly optimize store operational efficiency. They can help increase customer engagement level and reinforce purchasing decisions. Axiomtek’s mobile tablet solutions can help retailers enhance their competitive advantages over their competitors.

Advanced Vending Machine

Unlike a traditional vending machine which often fails to draw much attention from consumers, the next generation of vending machines has adopted an interactive digital signage platform that is capable of displaying eye-catching advertising content as well as customized key messages directly to the customers to encourage more sales. Through the integration and implementation of Axiomtek’s smart digital signage solutions, these vending machines can help boost sales revenues while creating an additional source of income through advertising.

Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) System

Axiomtek’s intelligent EPOS solutions are customized for a variety of service needs – from payment processing, transaction verification, inventory update, sales report and more. Our EPOS products come with a comprehensive line of motherboards ready for customization and integration. Our teams offer personalized design engineering and value-added services that have helped our customers effectively deploy a wide range of self-service machines, POS systems, tablets, etc.

ATM System

There is a rising demand in the financial and banking sectors for ATM solutions that can help increase revenues, reduce operating costs, manage risks and deliver better self-service banking experiences. Axiomtek is committed to developing innovative financial solutions that meet the rising needs of both financial institutions and independent ATM deployers. Our ATM solutions are delivered with high levels of expertise. We customize the system to target marketing opportunities associated with the financial institution’s use of their ATM machines while fulfilling the need for their multi-output design requirements.

Customizable Design on Multi-Retail Systems/Solutions

In order to assist our retail customer’s increasingly complex needs and demands for highly reliable intelligent solutions, Axiomtek offers both board-level and system-level design and integration services to help our retail customers achieve their goals. Our experienced and disciplined engineering team and resources allow us to stay ahead of our competitors with a short product development cycle and exceptional deliverable quality.

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