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Dental Implant Technology

Industry Trend

The global dental implants market is steadily growing as the demand for better dental care rises. According to the Dental Implants and Prosthetics Market Global Forecast, revenue for the dental implant industry is expected to reach more than $10 million by 2020 because of the growing senior citizen population and aging baby boomer generation. The report stated that dental disorders become more frequent during old age and that means a higher demand for dental implants. Instead of dentures, patients are looking toward implants that are made of biocompatible metal that remain in place. Biocompatible metal refers to the metal that creates no significant reaction to the body once implanted into the body. The biocompatible metal implant, once drilled into the jawbone, undergoes osseointegration- which is a process where the implanted metal fuses to the bone. From there, a crown is set onto the implant. The end result is a strong, realistic false tooth that looks and feels like a normal tooth. This new technology grants the patient a sturdy new tooth. Many dental professionals see this procedure as a better and more durable alternative to dentures.

To help dentists while assessing and performing dental implant work, medical panel PCs are being integrated into dentist offices as a human-machine interface tool to help control the procedural applications and eliminate paper documents. These medical panel PCs are generally required to be highly reliable; in compliance with safety regulations; have high performance processors and good graphic resolutions; offer wireless communications; have good storage capacity; and offer water and dust-proof design for a variety of medical office hazards.

System Design Features

Axiomtek’s MPC175-873 was recently selected by a global leader in the dental implant technology industry. The product was seen as a superior product among the competition due to its high performance Intel® Core™ i7 processor, reliable fanless operation, quiet operation, extensive storage space, and its EN60601-1, CE, FCC certifications. It was the only product that passed the stringent testing process required by the company. Our products meet all the needs of the demanding medical/dental device manufacturing industry. Axiomtek’s focus will continue to be on delivering the best products and services to our customers and ensuring long-term satisfaction.

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