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Intelligent Transportation System Solutions

Traffic Management System

Axiomtek’s eBOX product series offers a stable, reliable, and cost-effective solution for applications such as road surveillance and traffic sign management system. These types of applications are 24/7 operation and face harsh environment to ensure urban safety. They can be controlled by a remote control center with lower manpower maintenance and high effective rate. The eBOX series is widely applied to transportation such as high-way counting and E-toll collection, traffic sign management, and information display management.

Automatic Fare Collection System

The Automatic fare collection system is one of the basic pieces of station equipment which consists of an automatic gate machine system, a ticket vending system, and a ticket checking system. A stable and integrated platform system makes sure that passenger flow runs smoothly and quickly during rush hour and that all data will be gathered and transmitted to the back-end center for analysis. Business operators may analyze this data and get accurate information or access them from the could and check the status of the station’s operation. Axiomtek provides the stable, reliable and endurable eBOX solution for this type of application in order to ensure low maintenance and long-term operation with high efficiency.

Station Surveillance System

Public safety is always a serious topic especially when concerning public transportation. Axiomtek not only focuses on public transportation safety, but is also devoted to provide cost- efficient solution and related products such as DVR/NVR solutions. Live recording and saving data on a server can help when collecting evidence of an accident.

Railway in-tram System

Axiomtek has been dedicated to developing rolling stock solutions for many years and offers in-tram passenger information system, IoT gateway solutions, onboard passenger wireless systems and more. All of them are certificated by EN50155 and EN50121 to meet international standards. Additionally, connector interface, vibration endurance, wide operating temperature range, power and I/O port insulation are integrated into the tBOX product series to maintain reliability and stability to reduce system failure rates and ensure public transportation systems can be stable and efficient.

Station Passenger Information System

Delivering the transportation schedule to passengers is one of important pieces of information available for mass transportation. Therefore, a modern transport system that delivers this information should enhance public transportation efficiency and convenience. With Aximotek’s eBOX and DSS series; you can update content via wireless as well as manage and monitor system health. This can be done by managing content from the back-end control center and delivering different content to be shown on a specific display. This greatly reduces daily maintenance and makes it easy to achieve different applications. Furthermore, this product features wide operating temperature range and fanless design to save cost on manpower in harsh environments.

In-vehicle Surveillance System

Monitoring and managing in-vehicle statuses at a distance is a major problem. Axiomtek provides in-vehicle surveillance and people counting solutions to ensure that everything that happens onboard can be recorded and transmitted to the mass transit’s control center. With GPS and 4G wireless communication, our embedded computer systems can receive in-vehicle status updates in real-time, updates on the train’s location, information on in-vehicle passenger statuses, and alert emergency response units in case of an emergency. Axiomtek’s tBOX product series come certified with eMark, EN50155, EN50121, and IEC60945 and follows international standards for transportation. Furthermore, Axiomtek’s tBOX products have fanless design, wide operating temperature range, wide voltage power input, insulation power, rich I/O options, optimizes user behavior solutions, and vibration and shock endurance, which can be used to create a high efficiency transportation system solution.

Fleet Management System

Optimizing intelligent routing arrangement and driver behavior can reduce the cost of fleet operation and enhance efficiency. Integrated with 4G connection, GPS and routing map calculate and transmit these data to control center to get the best solution and record them on back-end side. Monitoring driver behavior and routing, vehicle health and safety ensure low maintenance with the highest efficiency. Furthermore, onboard NVR/DVR solutions can provide name plate recognition solution for police vehicles while also monitoring onboard cargo and traffic status. Axiomtek’s tBOX product series is available to provide a stable, reliable and endurable solution.

Gateway Control and License Plate Recognition System

Looking for a parking spot in a crowded parking lot is a major inconvenience for drivers. In order to let drivers find a parking space in an easy manner, Axiomtek can provide parking lot management systems, license plate recognition systems, ticket vending systems and gateway controls to accurately manage parking lot efficiency. Instead of relying on people to manage the lot, a remote control center is more cost effective and enhances service levels for customers.

Vessel Traffic Management System

IEC60945 is an international maritime certification concerning electronic equipment EMC and EMI in a vessel. Axiomtek’s tBOX product series comes with IEC60945 certification to ensure basic applications will not be disturbed by other devices. Additionally, it is designed fanless and wide temperature operating, high shock and vibration endurance and can be applied for onboard gateway, ECDIS, auto pilot system and more. With NMEA0183 and NMEA2000- receiving and transmitting data from sonar, radio, radar, and senors is common onboard a vessel. The tBOX marine systems are able to support and provide stable, reliable operation for applications such as this.

Intelligent Transportation System Solutions

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